Back to basics We offer organic, efficient, and natural cosmetics as well as organic, ethical, and sustainable clothing, all handmade in our Comme Avant workshop.

Comme Avant is an unconventional company and a human adventure, both imperfect, participating at its own level to an ecological transition. We produce what seems essential to us by removing anything unnecessary and focusing on what's fundamental.

Independent, we feel free to go against the flow, focusing on the environment before profit.

Our effective cosmetics and sustainable clothing are handmade in our own manufacturing workshop. In full transparency and without any taboos, we continuously improve our products and reduce our waste.

A philosophy of consuming less and better, thought for our planet and future generations.

Comme Avant is certified

Cosmos Organic: soap, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup remover & Cosmos Natural: cream & Natural Detergent: dishwasher powder, soap flakes & GOTS: cotton t-shirt, reusable wipes, washcloth, reusable kitchen roll, bath towel

handmade products

Natural and efficient cosmetics

Comme Avant ethical clothing

Ethical and sustainable clothing

A family business

An independent family business

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